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Textile manufacturers, brands and retailers partner with the Cotton LEADSTM program to support sustainable cotton production. We engage with partners to find the right fit for them, and in every case, active partners are working for the good of their bottom lines, their industries and our environment.

Why Partner With Us?

As a Cotton LEADS partner, we would like to work with you to source Australian and U.S. cotton into your supply chain so that you can be sure you're using raw materials that are sustainably produced. We can make this job easier thanks to the transparency and traceability in our supply.

It’s your choice – will you lead?

No one company, no one farm can create the change our world needs. As a Cotton LEADS partner, you join together with many other companies, even your competitors, in pursuing the greater good. That’s how you can help lead your industry’s response to sustainability challenges. That’s how you can help shape the future.

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Take The Lead

Improving sustainability in your supply chain can be a complex challenge. Becoming a partner is not. And once you are a partner, we can help you identify ways to support sustainable improvements at the farm and in the factory.