Stories: On the Farm
John “Cowboy” Cameron - Bongeen, QLD, Australia

Know Your Weeds

“We take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to weeds. We root cut to avoid problems with ratoons, and if we have volunteers in a fallow after spraying, we get out on the bike and manually chip them out. To avoid glyphosate resistance developing in other weeds, we rotate herbicides between cotton and wheat, use residuals in the fallow, pupae bust and hand spot spray or chip – all to try and prevent weed seed set. My advice to others? Know the biology of your weeds and don’t be afraid to use a bit of cold, hard steel every now and again, especially for shallow seeded weeds like fleabane and feathertop Rhodes grass if you feel you are losing control.”

– John “Cowboy” Cameron, cotton grower, “Kintyre”

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