2015 Research Collaboration
February 5, 2015

Dr. Rene van Der Sluijs of the CSIRO in Australia visited Cotton Incorporated’s headquarters on January 13 to discuss current and potential new research collaborations. Cotton Incorporated currently funds one on-going research project under Dr. Rene van Der Sluijs’ direction involving investigation of potential new measurements of fiber length distribution and uniformity in cotton. In addition to review of the current status of the project, details about the project plan for 2015 were finalized. For potential new research collaborations, discussions focused on current fiber quality concerns of the textile industry, contamination prevention and harvest systems.

One area producers and ginners in both the U.S. and Australia are adapting to are the new round modules to contain seed cotton. The round modules have the potential to provide improved storage protection and new handling options relative to traditional modules, but there is extra diligence required to ensure the plastic wrap used does not enter the gin. Therefore, one collaborative effort under consideration is how to capture more value from round modules by the producer and the gin, and minimize the potential of plastic contamination.

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