Australian Cotton Growers Reminded to Come Clean Go Clean During Harvest
April 29, 2015

With cotton picking well underway in the cotton growing regions of Australia, Cotton Australia has issued a reminder to growers about farm hygiene, and the need to implement the well-known Come Clean Go Clean policy of the industry.

Harvesting increases the movement of farm staff members, contractors, vehicles and equipment as they move from one field to another, one farm to another and from one region to another. This brings about a greater biosecurity risk for growers. It is very easy to move weed seeds, soil particles and crawlers resulting in the rapid spread of difficult-to-control pest species throughout the industry. Simple and effective Come Clean Go Clean strategies can help protect farms. These include vigilance against weeds and pests, informing visitors, contractors and consultants of their responsibilities, and providing adequate washdown facilities for people and machinery/vehicles.

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