Australian Cotton Industry Showcased With Fashion Industry
May 7, 2015

The cotton fields of Narrabri in northern NSW Australia played host to an exclusive group of leading Australian fashion industry figures, retailers and designers at a tour held on Tuesday 28 April, 2015.

The trip – incorporating a tour of two cotton farms during harvest and a cotton gin during processing – showcased the Australian cotton industry’s innovative and responsible approach to production.

Cotton Australia CEO, Adam Kay, says the tour was an overwhelming success and helps to close the gap between the field and fashion.

“Australian and international designers and brands love working with cotton due to its natural properties – it’s breathable, durable, soft and comfortable for end-users, that’s why it’s the world’s number one natural fibre,” Mr Kay says.

“And while we used the trip to reinforce these messages, it was really about inviting the fashion supply chain to take a deeper look into the industry that we’re so proud of.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than growers sharing their story first-hand as they’re standing in the middle of fully matured cotton fields, with harvest in full swing, and we were able to share the achievements of the industry as a whole.”

“Through these events, and our broader Cotton to Market program that includes Cotton LEADS, we’re starting to better connect the cotton supply chain and end-users with the story of the people growing our magnificent natural fibre.” Mr Kay says.

“Our efficient, responsible, and modern industry in Australia produces some of the highest quality, highest yielding cotton in the world using fewer natural resources than ever before.”

“We’ve seen reduced insecticide use by 95% in the last 15 years, a 40% increase in water productivity over the last decade, and it takes 30% less land to produce one tonne of cotton lint compared to 15 years ago,” Mr Kay says.

Cotton Australia would like to acknowledge the support of leading grower, Auscott, for its sponsorship of the day, and the Carberry family who hosted the group on their farm for the second half of the tour.

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