Australian Drought Focuses Attention on Water Use Efficiency
September 24, 2019

Australian Drought Focuses Attention on Water Use Efficiency

Australia’s cotton farmers are facing continuing drought conditions in NSW and Queensland, with Cotton Australia’s forecast showing another smaller crop in the coming season. This has led the industry to continue its focus on water use efficiency, climate change preparedness and community resilience.

For example the Cotton Research and Development Corporation recently met with stakeholders to discuss fish stewardship in cotton river systems as less water is available to the natural environment. Dr Katie Broughton is conducting field and glasshouse trials to test how cotton plants are affected by climate variations. And the Australian Cotton breeding program is continuing to develop cotton varieties that require less water.

“As the dry conditions continue we are also very conscious of supporting our farmers to ensure good mental health during a tough period. We can’t underestimate the social impacts of severe water shortages and it’s encouraging to see a number of programs being led by farmers in their local communities,” Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said.

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