Brands and retailers gain first-hand knowledge of U.S. cotton production
November 2, 2018

U.S. cotton growers hosted over 60 representatives from 34 brands and retailers on their cotton farms in October. The goal of this unique program was to educate the industry about how U.S. cotton is produced sustainably and to let them experience harvesting, ginning and classing of U.S. cotton first-hand.

The two-day program began with an informational session to learn about the cotton production process, research and technology that is being employed by growers as well as programs in place to benchmark and set goals for continuous improvement. The tour followed the cotton traceable production process from harvesting, to ginning, to warehousing, and finally to classing where fiber qualities are connected to the bale and its permanent bale identification.

“This is a wonderful experience for participants to be able to learn, see, and ask questions about US cotton production. Ultimately, they leave with the facts that enable them to judge for themselves and to make informed decisions about using U.S. cotton in their supply chains,” said Mark Messura, Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated. “Many Cotton LEADS partners in the U.S. participated in the program and gained first-hand insights to help them in their sustainable sourcing programs.”

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