Cotton Incorporated Hosts U.S. Cotton Farm Tours
October 31, 2019

Demonstrating Improvement in U.S. Cotton Production

Brands and Retailers meet U.S. Cotton farmers where they grow.

U.S. cotton is leading the way with traceable, transparent, and responsible cotton production and Cotton LEADS is committed to providing educational opportunities and resources to benefit cotton industry professionals, all along the supply chain. Cotton Incorporated’s annual farm tour is a great example of that. The farm tours provide visitors the chance to experience firsthand why this raw material became American consumers’ favorite fiber and to understand the agricultural innovations that make it one of America’s most sustainable.

During this year’s early October farm tour, U.S. cotton producers and their families demonstrated the tools and technologies they use to grow cotton responsibly, ensure soil conservation, maintain nutrient-rich land, conserve water and protect resources for future generations. Because, as Trent Felton of Felton Farms puts it, conservation is necessary to “Pass [the land] on to the next generation in even better shape than we had it.”

Another one of our farmer partners, Jimmy Webb, recently shared his story about how farming operations have changed over the years. Thanks to innovations in technology, cotton farming operations and processes that historically required excess man and machine power are now optimized to reduce waste, conserve resources and save time. Ultimately, these innovations have improved the sustainability of cotton farming from seeding to harvesting.

When I graduated in 1986, we farmed cotton completely differently than we do now. It would take 25-30 trips across the field to control insects. Today, it takes one or two times. Now we’re using technology to steer our tractors, we’re more efficient in planting the crop, I can us an app to control my irrigation systems and how much water I put out … Technology has made us much better stewards of our land. – Jimmy Webb

This year, 75 brand and retailer attendees had the opportunity to visit a cotton farm, a cotton ginning operation and the Memphis classing office. Visitors were also able to meet key researchers and hear from them about how the latest innovations and how their findings directly help cotton growers to grow cotton more responsibly.

One of the Cotton LEADS principles is the sharing of information. We know that understanding cotton farming tools and technology enables brands and retailers to make the best decisions for their business. Offering learning and networking opportunities like the farm tours is just one of the ways Cotton LEADS founding organizations, like Cotton Incorporated, provide value to partners and nurtures relationships all along the cotton supply chain.

Becoming a partner helps companies connect with farmers, manufacturers and other decision-makers across industries who can help you reach your brand sustainability goals. Commit to sustainably produced cotton – become a Cotton LEADS partner today. Interested in doing even more? Contact us for ideas to get the most out of sustainable cotton and your partnership with Cotton LEADS.

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