Cotton LEADS℠ Partner Engagement Event – Japan
November 25, 2015

Japan’s Cotton LEADS™ partners recently attended a special engagement event in Tokyo to get an update on continual improvement practices in the U.S. and Australia, and engage with leaders from both industries.

Throughout the year, the Cotton LEADS™ program has hosted a variety of events to educate and increase awareness of responsibly-produced cotton throughout the supply chain and among the program’s 350+ partners. The last event of the year was held in Tokyo, Japan on October 21 to keep Japanese partners informed and updated on program activities and continual improvement progress.

Twenty-six representatives from 19 leading brands and manufacturers attended the seminar. Cotton Incorporated CEO Berrye Worsham discussed the sustainability challenges within the market and how the Cotton LEADS™ program offers a solution for the industry to meet those challenges. Worsham reminded the audience of the program’s commitment to continuous improvement in cotton growing practices, made possible by the strict national regulatory environments and grower self-investment in research and development in Australia and the United States.

Cotton Incorporated’s Mark Messura and Cotton Australia’s Adam Kay provided country updates and shared plans for 2016. Research programs in both the Australia and the U.S. offer benchmarks and measurements for continual improvement in water use efficiency, land use, carbon footprinting and integrated pest management.

Following the event, three new Japanese companies became new partners: Sanyo Corporation Co. Ltd., Yamachu Mengyo Co., Ltd., and R.E.P. Corporation.

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