Cotton LEADS℠ Partner Lunch – Hong Kong
June 9, 2014

The Cotton LEADS™ Program hosted a Partner Lunch in Hong Kong on May 21. The lunch offered partners from the region a unique opportunity to meet cotton producers and founders from Australia and the United States and offer ideas or concerns in an open discussion.

Cotton LEADS™ Partner Lunch attendees were welcomed to the event by two cotton producers from Australia and the United States, Lyndon Mulligan, Chairman of Cotton Australia and Australian Cotton Producer, and Jimmy Dodson, U.S. Cotton Producer. Country reports outlined efforts for continuous improvement in cotton production. Adam Kay, CEO of Cotton Australia, and Mark Lange, President and CEO of National Cotton Council, presented. Jimmy Dodson, U.S. cotton producer, showed and gave testimonial to how he uses the tools and technologies discussed by Lange to grow cotton responsibly on his farm in Texas. The lunch program concluded with an open discussion enabling partners to ask questions about the program, express challenges faced in the supply chain and suggest solutions through the Cotton LEADS™ program.

Additional partner events are being planned for other regions later this year.

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