Cotton LEADS℠ Team Meets to Review Program in Hong Kong
July 10, 2018

Cotton Australia and Cotton Inc. met recently in Hong Kong to review the Cotton LEADS℠ program

In mid-April Cotton Australia and Cotton Incorporated met in Hong Kong to review the Cotton LEADS℠ program and make plans for the future. The meeting included a strong focus on how to deliver further value to our growing number of partners.

Cotton LEADS℠ continues to gain momentum and this success has been based on growing awareness and partner recruitment.

Going forward the program plans to focus on:

• Amplifying the U.S. and Australian cotton industry stories of responsible cotton production in new ways

• Collaborating with partners on benevolence projects to drive change in other countries

• Encouraging partners to become more active members of Cotton LEADS, for example by helping them source Australian and U.S. cotton.

“Cotton LEADS℠ cotton represents almost 20% of the world’s production,” Cotton Australia Director, Hamish McIntyre, says.

“The impact of Cotton LEADS℠ could be far greater than we can currently understand or quantify, which is why it’s so important for us to be involved.”

“Many large global brands like the GAP, Brooks Brothers and Walmart now recognise Cotton LEADS℠ as meeting their sustainability requirements, which is a great endorsement from our customers.”

Cotton Australia will continue to work collaboratively with Cotton Inc. to promote and build momentum for the Cotton LEADS℠ program with an increased emphasis on partner engagement and activation.

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