Cutting edge cotton research via U.S. and Australian collaboration
October 31, 2017

World leading cotton researchers from Australia’s Cotton Research and Development Corporation recently visited their peers at Cotton Incorporated Headquarters in Cary, North Carolina.

On the agenda was a number of collaborative research projects that are progressing to find joint solutions that can be shared across borders and industries. The researchers visited North Carolina State University, where scientists are being funded jointly by CRDC and Cotton Incorporated to investigate the shedding of microparticles from different types of fabric.

The group also met to develop a range of potential topics for collaboration in the future and identified a set of priories to take further.

“It’s always a wonderful opportunity to catch up with counterparts. We face so many common challenges and it’s becoming more and more important to identify the challenges we can best work on together,” CRDC R&D Manager, Allan Williams said.

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