Field to Market’s 2019 Trusted Adviser of the Year
December 4, 2019

Andrew Jordan Named Field to Market’s 2019 Trusted Advisor of the Year

Andy Jordan - Cotton LEADS

Cotton sustainability advocate, Dr. Andrew Jordan, gets recognized for his contributions to cotton.

Dr. Andrew Jordan – widely respected and loved by farmers everywhere – was just awarded Field to Market’s 2019 Trusted Advisor of the Year award during the fifth annual Sustainable Agriculture Summit. The accolade is more than well-deserved for this trusted farmer adviser. Dr. Jordan has been a pioneer for sustainability and a champion for cotton farm efficiency and profitability for over 30 years and his contributions have been industry-changing.

Dr. Jordan has dedicated three decades of his career to the National Cotton Council in order to enable cotton producers to adopt new technologies and implement more sustainable practices on their farms. He has been helping farmers work toward a future where cotton is both sustainable and thriving, and farm practices contribute to continued improvement of the quality of farmland. And beyond that, contribute to the protection of surrounding physical environments.

Field to Market says of Dr. Jordan’s accomplishments – “Most recently, Dr. Jordan has served as a leading adviser on the newly released U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, which leverages Field to Market’s suite of sustainability metrics to enable cotton farmers across the country to deliver sustainable outcomes and contribute to the broader industry’s sustainability story. He has also contributed significant volunteer efforts overseas to design small scale community water systems for developing countries.

One of his most notable contributions has been to help farmers implement the Fieldprint Calculator to improve the sustainability and efficiency of their farm practices.

Dr. Kater Hake, VP of Agricultural & Environmental Research at Cotton says, “The Fieldprint Calculator allows farmers to not only measure the improvements they make but also to share that with cotton’s customers and get the respect that they deserve for their sustainability practices and their stewardship on the farm.”

Mark Messura, Senior VP of Global Supply Chain Marketing at Cotton shares that, “The Fieldprint Calculator is a farm management tool that’s based on farm level inputs. It provides a great opportunity right now for cotton farmers to continue to be the best at what they do.”

It provides farmers the opportunity to learn more about about their own operations by helping them gain a holistic view of how they’re using resources and where efficiency can be improved in order to save money and protect the land.

One of the farmers Dr. Jordan has worked with – Andy Johnson – shares, “My leadership role has been advanced by having an advisor in the background who takes no credit …” Working with Dr. Jordan has helped Andy understand that, “The definition of sustainability in the cotton industry is the ability of the present generation to provide for its needs while allowing future generations to be able to provide for their own needs.”

Andy and others share about the impacts Dr. Jordan have had as an adviser on their farms and in their lives in this video.

“As we continue to embrace sustainable practices, we see the very positive aspects of not only meeting the needs of our customers, but the most fundamental is meeting the needs of the families that are living on these farms.” – Dr. Jordan

Join us in congratulating Dr. Jordan on this prestigious award and all his incredible accomplishments – they’ve made an undeniable difference our lives.

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