Sustainable Apparel Coalition Retires the Higg Material Sustainability Index Single Score
November 9, 2020

As the industry looks towards tools like the Higg Material Sustainability Index to help craft policies and data systems for more sustainable sourcing, environmental impact information can be overwhelming. In the quest for simplicity, companies may not be using the best, most complete and accurate information which can lead to unintended consequences and additional environmental harm.


“Sustainability is complex,” notes Dr. Jesse Daystar, Cotton Incorporated’s Chief Sustainability Officer, “and no single score captures that complexity nor helps business decision makers understand the underlying tradeoffs that are inherent in assessing environmental impacts.  Industry tool should be as simple as possible to help scale industry adoption, but also need to follow scientific best practices to ensure more sustainable outcomes. Removing the single score brings the MSI closer to following ISO standards and scientific best practices.”


Dr. Daystar was reacting to a decision by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition announced on November 2, 2020 to retire the single score from the Higgs Materials Sustainability Index in January 2021. See the full story here.


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