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Bros Eastern - China

Pioneering new techniques, new products

BROS Eastern Co., Ltd. has been the top-dyed mélange yarn spinner since 1989, with factories located in China and Vietnam (annual capacity of 120,000 tons in 2014). As the pioneer in the top-dyed mélange business, BROS devotes development and innovation of mélange colors, styles and sustainability solutions to satisfy the needs of fast fashion market and eco-friendly production. This has led to a 10-year-development product EcoFRESH Yarn℠ – an ecological greige mélange yarn that offers a new way to fabric- or garment-dye cotton in various mélange effects without salt and alkali chemicals. Now, retailers are free to create their own mélange collections anytime all by themselves without concerning the lead-time and minimum order quantity.


Most importantly, EcoFRESH Yarn℠ helps to decrease the consumption of water, electricity and dye stuff as well as processing time. To double the eco-friendly concept, BROS applied the EcoFRESH℠ technique on cotton from Cotton Leads℠, aiming to reduce harmfulness to the environment that we live in. They encourage all consumers to contribute to a better, greener earth every time they purchase garments made by EcoFRESH Yarn℠ and cotton supplied by the Cotton Leads℠ program.

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