Stories: Down the Chain
Fruit of the Loom - USA

Environmental sustainability

“Doing the right thing should have no competitive boundaries. When it comes to environmental sustainability, we are all on the same team”, says Tony Pelaski, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

That’s why Fruit of the Loom was one of the first partners in the Cotton LEADS℠ program. Cotton LEADS allows Fruit of the Loom to join with others for the same cause of environmental sustainability – it allows them to deliver on their promise to the supply chain and to their consumers.

Fruit of the Loom sets high standards and beliefs when it comes to sustainability. “Everything we do doesn’t just meet environmental standards, it far exceeds them”, says Pelaski. It’s important for Fruit to be efficient throughout their supply chain and they take great pride in the stewardship and how they manage those resources without adding costs.

If you ever have the chance to visit a U.S. cotton farm, we know you will feel the same. Don’t take our word for it. Hear what partners at Fruit of the Loom have to say.

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