Stories: Down the Chain
Tavex - Mexico

Reducing WEC in Denim Manufacturing

Tavex is a leading cotton denim and garment manufacturer providing high quality products to jeanswear brands throughout the Western Hemisphere. Not only is Tavex dedicated to high quality and full service products, they are also dedicated to and invested in the sustainability of those products.

“Tavex is committed to preserving the environment and is consistently looking for ways to leave a positive impact”, says Arturo Ornelas, General Director of Operations.

The company has invested in the latest technology to create fabrics in an environmentally friendly way: reducing water; reducing hazadarous chemicals; recycling fibers; and using green energy. Their state-of-the-art water treatment plant reduces 30% of the water they use and 70% of the discharge is certified to have zero hazardous substances. Tavex’s “Aquasave Process” helps them to consume 70% less water compared to conventional indigo dyeing methods. During the finishing process, Tavex uses ecofriendly finishing techniques that help them to consumer 90% less water and 70% less energy. But, they don’t stop there. One of their factories is 70% powered with wind energy.

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