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Cotton production

Leadership is built from the ground up. That’s why the Cotton LEADSSM program is driven by Australian and U.S. producers, scientists and other professionals dedicated to sustainable cotton production. Get to know the growers and researchers who, season after season, are investigating and implementing solutions that improve cotton’s environmental footprint.

  • Kim Byrnes

    Moree, NSW, Australia

    From the ground up, women are involved in every aspect of the cotton industry, and they’re doing a great job too.

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  • Renee Anderson

    Central Highlands, Queensland

    Renee Anderson is a farmer from the Central Highlands in Queensland, and tells us about her journey as a woman in the industry.

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  • Col Blackley

    Bowenville, Queensland

    Cotton farmers are all for efficiency and reducing chemical use, which is why an infrared precision spray unit has become a valuable asset to a Queensland farming operation.

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  • Rich Lindsey

    Centre, AL, USA

    Rich Lindsey is dedicated to serving his cotton-growing community. He knows data is essential for sustainable operations there, so this fifth-generation farmer and ginner integrates new technology to minimize inputs and maximize fiber quality.

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  • Grant Porter

    Darling Downs, Queensland

    Farmers on the Darling Downs have reported an increase in yield and a reduction in the required amount of synthetic fertiliser after spreading human effluent ‘biosolids’.

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  • Howard Rowther

    Darling Downs, Australia

    Investing in drip irrigation has not only saved water, but increased yield for this Darling Downs farmer.

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  • Dr. Michele Reba

    Jonesboro, AR, USA

    Dr. Michele Reba’s work with the USDA-ARS Delta Water Management Research Unit (DWMRU) could affect generations-long farm practices in the region and push the needle on water management for cotton producers everywhere.

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  • Shane Isbell

    Cherokee, AL

    Shane Isbell, a third-generation U.S. cotton farmer, is using precision agriculture to reduce waste and improve the land for the next generation.

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  • Jimmy Webb

    Leary, GA, USA

    For Jimmy Webb, technology is essential to sustain stewardship – and stay competitive in today’s global economy.

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  • Dahlen Hancock

    Lubbock, TX, USA

    Dahlen Hancock is using new technologies that help him take care of the land – so it can take care of his granddaughter.

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  • Dr. Linda Smith

    Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Brisbane, QLD

    Dr. Smith received the 2019 Australian Cotton Researcher of the Year Award for her work in detecting and managing cotton diseases

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  • Tom and Charm Arnott

    Boggabilla NSW

    Award winning Australian cotton growers achieving phenomenal yields alongside sustainable production practices

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