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Cotton production

Leadership is built from the ground up. That’s why the Cotton LEADSSM program is driven by Australian and U.S. producers, scientists and other professionals dedicated to sustainable cotton production. Get to know the growers and researchers who, season after season, are investigating and implementing solutions that improve cotton’s environmental footprint.

  • Dr. Tina Grey Teague

    Arkansas, USA

    Dr. Teague discusses her focus on using methods of integrative pest management to continuously improve the sustainability of US cotton.

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  • Dr. Sharon Downes

    Narrabri, NSW, Australia

    Dr. Sharon Downes has studied cotton pests for the past 15 years to develop strategies for managing their resistance to biotech cotton.

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  • Emma Ayliffe

    Griffith, NSW, Australia

    Emma is an agronomist, researcher and Young Farming Champion, working in Australia's southern valleys cotton growing region.

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  • Dr. Alice Payne

    Brisbane, Queensland

    Dr. Alice Payne is Senior Lecturer in Fashion in the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology. Her research centers on environmental and social sustainability concerns throughout textile and apparel industry supply chains.

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  • Dr. Robert Mensah

    Narrabri, NSW, Australia

    Award-winning researcher with 30 years' experience in applied entomological research and development of integrated pest management (IPM) tools for use in cotton and other broadacre crops.

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  • Amanda Thomas

    Warren, NSW, Australia

    A cotton grower with a strong focus on integrated pest management (IPM), Amanda is also Cotton Region Extension Officer in the Macquarie Valley. In this role she works towards ground-truthing the latest research to benefits growers in our industry.

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  • Dr. Paxton Payton

    Lubbock, TX, USA

    Dr. Paxton Payton is a plant physiologist who studies the impact of stressors such as drought and temperature on plant growth. He also works to develop crop management tools, which allow growers to maximize their yields with limited inputs.

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  • Alice Devlin and Lou Gall

    Gwydir Valley, NSW, Australia

    Regional Extension teams work closely to translate research findings into information growers can readily use.

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  • Sledge and David Taylor

    Como, MS, USA

    The Taylors paint a picture of stewardship strengthened by precision ag technologies, which allow them to cut down on water, fertilizer and plant protection products.

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  • Tim and Sally Watson

    Hillston, NSW, Australia

    Resourceful and willing to challenge conventions, the Watsons demonstrate just how progressive Australia’s cotton industry has become.

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  • The Schniers Family

    San Angelo, TX, USA

    This farming family uses precision ag technology to increase water and input efficiency. They also changed tactics for pest management – and haven’t sprayed for boll weevils in years.

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  • Dr. Katie Broughton

    Narrabri, NSW, Australia

    Researcher Katie Broughton is studying the effects of elevated temperatures and CO2 levels on cotton crops. Her research, a first for the global cotton industry, aims to help us keep management strategies ahead of climate change.

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