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Cotton production

Leadership is built from the ground up. That’s why the Cotton LEADSSM program is driven by Australian and U.S. producers, scientists and other professionals dedicated to sustainable cotton production. Get to know the growers and researchers who, season after season, are investigating and implementing solutions that improve cotton’s environmental footprint.

  • Tim and Sally Watson

    Hillston, NSW, Australia

    Resourceful and willing to challenge conventions, the Watsons demonstrate just how progressive Australia’s cotton industry has become.

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  • The Schniers Family

    San Angelo, TX, USA

    This farming family uses precision ag technology to increase water and input efficiency. They also changed tactics for pest management – and haven’t sprayed for boll weevils in years.

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  • Dr. Katie Broughton

    Narrabri, NSW, Australia

    Researcher Katie Broughton is studying the effects of elevated temperatures and CO2 levels on cotton crops. Her research, a first for the global cotton industry, aims to help us keep management strategies ahead of climate change.

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  • Dr. Dan Carmichael

    Lamesa, TX, USA

    Researcher Dan Carmichael is a champion for water conservation. He discusses a few of the technologies he works with in the southern high plains of Texas in the world’s largest “cotton patch.”

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  • Fleur Anderson

    Theodore, QLD, Australia

    When it came to the farm, Fleur Anderson learned early in life to focus on the future and not to fear bold commitments. She outlines the sustainable production practices her family now uses to live by those principles.

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  • Steve Wilbur

    Tulare, CA, USA

    Steve Wilbur highlights the changes he’s implemented in the last decade. He describes his adoption of subsurface drip irrigation, as well as how his seed choice affects efficiency.

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  • The Kahl Family

    Wee Waa, NSW, Australia

    With careful land management, the Kahls have surpassed the goal of carbon neutrality – their land sequesters more carbon than it emits.

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  • Donny Lassiter

    Conway, NC, USA

    For Donny Lassiter, farming is both a business and a way of life. He wants cotton buyers and users to understand the care that goes into growing this raw material.

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  • Dr. Stuart Gordon

    Melbourne, Australia

    CSIRO scientist Stuart Gordon works to improve the benchmarking and measurement of key cotton qualities to help Australian growers improve their crop’s performance.

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  • Ramey Stiles

    Lee County, AR, USA

    This fourth-generation cotton grower explains how new equipment and technology have helped him increase irrigation efficiency, reduce costs and improve traceability.

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  • Janelle Montgomery

    Gwydir Valley, NSW, Australia

    Researcher Janelle Montgomery has been at the forefront of improving Australian cotton’s water use efficiency and increasing awareness among growers and consultants.

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  • Nathan Reed

    Lee County, AR, USA

    Third-generation cotton grower Nathan Reed shares how he overcomes challenges and continues his family’s legacy with the help of more efficient, sustainable practices.

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