After 10 successful years, the Cotton LEADS™ program will come to an end, although the mission of producing and promoting sustainable cotton from Australia and the United States continues unabated. Cotton LEADS met the needs of hundreds of companies around the world with sustainability information and support through a unique partnership between the U.S. and Australian cotton industries, at a time when sustainability was emerging for many manufacturers, brands, and retailers.


Australian and U.S. cotton industry organizations will continue their support through collaborative research, advocacy, and other programs. Responsibly produced cotton from both countries will continue to be delivered in ways that meet customer needs around data, impact, traceability and certifications.


The Cotton LEADS program started in 2013 to help the world’s retailers, brands and manufacturers understand and learn about responsible cotton production efforts. Over the years, the program regularly shared science-based information, sustainability data, practical progress and on-farm case studies from Australia and the United States to educate/inform the cotton supply chain. As a result, over 700 global partners supported the program’s efforts in responsible cotton production by sharing best practices through communications and product programs.


We, the cotton organizations from Australia and the United States, will continue to work together to support your cotton business and advance the interests of cotton worldwide. Information and assistance for understanding and sourcing cotton can be found at the following sites below:

The industry’s leading resource for cotton product, technical, marketing and information support including topics like sustainability and traceability.
myBMP (Best Management Practices) is the Australian cotton industry’s on-farm cotton certification standard with over 80% of farmers participating and 30% fully certified.
The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol’s vision is to set a new standard where full transparency is a reality and continuous improvement of our environmental footprint is the central goal.
In-depth information and resources for brands, retailers and supply chain partners about sustainability, impact data, research and sourcing.
Cotton growers work hard to reduce impact, regenerate farms, grow high quality fiber and remain increasingly profitable. Data drives many decisions, and increasingly those of our customers. This dashboard is about openly sharing the numbers behind the story of Australian cotton.
From growing to manufacturing to your home, cotton is continuously improving as a sustainable source of consumer products. CottonToday dives into the science of sustainability by Cotton Incorporated experts.
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The Cotton LEADSSM program connects textile manufacturers, brands and retailers with a variety of ways to advance sustainable cotton production. See what cotton growers are doing to make their farms more sustainable to improve supply chains around the world.

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New cotton circularity resource for supply chain professionals

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The principles and practices that guide us ensure continuous improvement in sustainable cotton production. Through investments in research, technology and on-farm action, we’re developing and sharing solutions to address cotton’s environmental impacts.


You know cotton as breathable and comfortable. As a natural fiber, it’s also recyclable and can break down in wastewater and soil environments – giving you even more reasons to choose sustainable cotton.

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