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Take your commitment to the next level

Your company signed the Commitment to Cotton. Now, as a partner, you’re ready to do more – because now you have the right resources and connections to make an impact.

Choose your pathway

Companies can get involved in the Cotton LEADS℠ program by taking one or more of these routes to action:

  1. Support and participate in research projects at the field level
  2. Disseminate best practices in the supply chain
  3. Create partnerships for continuous improvements – and new innovations
Choose your impact area

Your company can support research and improvement in these and other key environmental impact areas, on the farm and at the factory:

  • Water conservation (farm and factory)
  • Soil health
  • Land conservation
  • Pest management
  • Cotton breeding
  • Farmer education and worker safety
  • Energy use (farm and factory)
  • Chemical use in textile processing
Explore existing opportunities

Your company can talk with us about starting a new project, or you can support an ongoing project such as these:

Soil health

Soil health projects are ongoing in various regions. For example, we support on-farm demonstrations to increase grower engagement in winter cover crops, reduced tillage and other practices that improve soil health. Growers are also serving as “citizen scientists” to better understand the benefits and tradeoffs between water use by cover crops and water use efficiency.


Nitrogen is an environmental hotspot – and one of our most important focal areas for improvement. One current project is to adapt an iPhone app originally designed for corn nitrogen management to be used by cotton growers. We’re also starting the conversation about a new approach to removing nitrogen from farm runoff.


Although cotton is a drought-tolerant crop, we are continually working to use water more efficiently. We’re currently working with partners to study water sensor use on farms. The efforts can easily expand from there into other tools and technologies to manage the small amount of water we do use.

Field to Market and myBMP Engagement

We’re working with our partners to encourage growers to enroll in programs that help them measure and benchmark field inputs. By in-putting farm level data into these programs, growers can better determine what practices have the best outcomes for their farms. Individuals’ data is also collected to provide insights for best practices across Australia, the United States and the rest of world.

Talk to us

Partnership can look a little different for every company. Our goal is to connect you with the right opportunities that benefit your company, our growers and the planet. So let’s talk about what active partnership can look like for you.