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  • Cotton LEADS℠ Program Launches First Annual Report

    A full report on the activity and achievements of the Cotton LEADS℠ program is now available, outlining the work of the program in its first year as well as future commitments to responsible cotton across cotton producing countries.

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  • Global Cotton Summit Bangladesh 2015 and Partner Engagement

    Nine Cotton LEADS℠ partners from Bangladesh attended the first Global Cotton Summit Bangladesh in Dhaka on March 20-21. At the conference, the challenges for responsible cotton sourcing were discussed in a presentation by Mark Messura from Cotton Incorporated.

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  • U.S. and Australian Cotton Researchers Collaborate for Continuous Improvement

    A group of the world’s leading cotton scientists came together in Australia last week to discuss research collaboration opportunities between the two Cotton LEADS℠ program founding countries. The Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Incorporated together toured a number of leading cotton farms and visited research managers to assess areas for potential collaboration.

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  • Australia’s Cotton Grower of the Year Field Day Attracts 300 Growers and Industry reps to Hillston

    he National Cotton Grower of the Year Field Day attracted more than 300 cotton growers and industry representatives from across NSW and Queensland to Hillston last week. The Field Day was held on March 12, 2015, and hosted by Tim and Sally Watson (Sunland Agriculture), recipients of the 2014 Monsanto Cotton Grower of the Year Award.

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  • Save the Date! Cotton LEADS℠ Partner Meetings in Western Hemisphere

    Cotton LEADS℠ partners in the Western Hemisphere are invited to attend the upcoming partner meetings to increase their awareness of responsible cotton production and engage with founding organizations and cotton growers. Partners will have the opportunity to learn about the program’s commitments for 2015 and hear first-hand how cotton growers in Australia and the U.S. are growing cotton responsibly.

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  • 2015 Research Collaboration

    Dr. Rene van Der Sluijs Discusses New Measurements of Fiber Length Distribution Dr. Rene van Der Sluijs of the CSIRO in Australia visited Cotton Incorporated’s headquarters on January 13 to discuss current and potential new research collaborations. Cotton Incorporated currently funds one on-going research project under Dr. Rene van Der Sluijs’ direction involving investigation of potential new measurements of fiber length distribution and uniformity in cotton.

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  • Cotton LEADS℠ Partner Information Session – Shanghai

    The Cotton LEADS℠ Program hosted a Partner Information Session on January 19th in Shanghai. Thirty-five representatives from 15 Cotton LEADS℠ partner companies and 8 prospective partner companies attended the event.

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  • Cotton LEADS℠ Partner Information Session – Hong Kong

    Following the event in Shanghai, The Cotton LEADS℠ Program hosted a similar Partner Information Session on January 20th in Hong Kong. Partners and prospective partners were invited to attend.

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