Australian Cotton Grower Survey Shows Increased Technology Uptake
December 16, 2019

The results of the Cotton Research and Development’s latest cotton grower survey have been released, providing a snapshot of grower sentiment and on-farm practices that help the industry understand the impact of its research, development and extension. The survey showed an uptake in technology such as solar and automation, with more growers saying they were considering moving to these technologies. According to the survey: • 95% of growers were positive about the future • 35% of growers currently use automation on their farm • Around one in six used solar energy on their farm • 83% had maintained field slope and 80% had improved tailwater systems to increase water use efficiency “The information we collect via the survey is enormously helpful in measuring on-farm practices and practice change and the impact of our RD&E investments,” says CRDC Communications Manager Ruth Redfern. 246 cotton growers participated in the 2018 Cotton Grower Survey, with focus areas including weed management, disease control, irrigation, automation, and workforce. The 2019 Cotton Grower Survey is currently underway, with the focus on water, energy, nutrition and soil, Integrated Pest Management, Natural Resource Management, weeds and disease controls, research trials, community and industry sentiment. Click here for more information.

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