Naturally Tackling Microfiber Pollution
March 22, 2019

As the issue of microfiber and microplastic pollution continues to flood the news cycle, consumer awareness continues to grow. In many cases, consumers often look to brands and retailers to take the necessary steps to tackle the issue. With this in mind, how can brands and retailers move beyond awareness and take the lead as an industry using science-based metrics to shape sound actions and monitor progress?

With the help of Carole Dubois of Quantis, a sustainability focused organization known for making scientific data actionable, and North Carolina State University Professor Dr. Richard Venditti, Cotton Incorporated took a dive into this question with a sustainability focused webinar, Turning the Tides: Tackling our Ocean’s Plastic Pollution Problem.

Beginning with a general approach to the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans, Dubois introduced a partnership approach to quantifying and developing scalable solutions to close the tap on plastic leakage. These solutions involve a closer look at the supply chain as well as the life cycle assessments that often guide an organization in responsible practices. Venditti followed with updated research in the area of microfiber pollution and the biodegradability of these fibers. While natural fibers such as cotton tend to return to the earth in the degradation process, research shows that other fibers may not have such a circular story.

Find the full webinar along with additional research on the biodegradability of cotton and other fibers here.

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