Updates To Australia’s myBMP On-Farm Environmental Program Ensure Continuous Improvement
June 17, 2015

In a bid to continuously improve its on-farm sustainability, the Australian cotton industry is embarking on a full review of its myBMP (best management practices) program.

The voluntary on-farm program includes over 500 checklist items across 11 modules that cover all aspects of cotton production from crop to people management. Each module review is led by an expert technical advisor to identify any legislative changes to be taken into account, ensure checklist items remain relevant and make sure supporting resources are up to date.

“The Australian cotton industry and the environment we operate in is constantly changing, and we need to ensure that the myBMP program is moving towards more innovative ways of growing cotton. New research and practices are discovered and laws change and we need to adapt and reflect current practices as well as aspiring to new ones,” myBMP Manager, Mr Rick Kowitz said.

“To maximise engagement with our growers, it’s also important that the modules are consistent, simple to use, practical and pitched at farm level,” he said.

All myBMP modules are updated annually, while the first modules for the full review include storage and handling of petrochemicals, pesticides, soil health, workplace health & safety and human resources. Changes to the myBMP modules will be presented to farmers by November this year.

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